Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to coach yourself .......

STAR template for coaching

In the Nursing Management of September 2010 Claire Westwood writes about how you coach yourself  and reach your goals in a few simple steps.

To reach these goals she uses the following four step method (STAR):

Situation and self-awareness
Identify the skills and knowledge you have. Which areas of your life or work do you want to change? What are your successes and challenges in these areas. Write down what you know. Check your comments with people you know and trust to ensure you are accurate and to gather different perspectives.

Targets or goals 
In this step, the SILVER template can be incorporated:

Specific: You must know when you have attained your goals, which should therefore be identifiable or measurable.
In time: To help you to feel emotionally involved with your goals, deadlines for reaching them can be set as if these goals have been reached already.
Life affirming: Goals should be seen to improve people’s lives rather than create more work if they are to inspire people to reach them.
Values led: If goals are work related, they must accord with organisational values; if they are personal, they must accord with personal values.
Ethical: Goals must be ethical.
Robust: Goals should be challenging but realistic, and those who try to reach them are expected to succeed but not over-reach themselves.

Actions and assistance
In taking the next step, you list your targets. You may want to seek the advice of people who have reached similar targets. Then list at least 30 ways of achieving your targets. This can be challenging, but new ways of thinking are needed to achieve new results. Then start working on your projects.

Reflection and reward
In taking this step, you review your progress each week. You write about the actions you took or what prevented you from taking action and how you avoid being hindered again. What worked well or was enjoyable, and what have you failed at doing and why. Keep doing what works and change what did not succeed.

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